Accounts Signed Up Last 20 Days

The Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel broker service enables you to reach the IPv6 Internet from an IPv4 network. Every day new users sign up for the service. These are the stats for account signups over the last 20 days.

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Accounts Signed Up Last 20 Days02040608010012014016018020012/3012/311/011/021/031/041/051/061/071/081/091/101/111/121/131/141/151/161/171/18131102125153176175131132144156157177171167126149170159193179
Account Growth by Month
The number of new account signups each month
Tunnels by Country Code
Number/Percentage of tunnels by country code. (As determined by geolocation of the IPv4 endpoint)
Tunnels by Tunnel Server
Number of active tunnels per tunnel server (As determined by IPv6 reachability/IPv6 activity on the tunnel interface)
Top 20 Tunnels per Tunnel Server (Latency)
20 lowest latency tunnels per tunnel server (As determined by IPv6 pings sourced from the tunnel server)
Total Number of IPv6 Certifications
Current total for each IPv6 Certification level
Number of Tests Taken
Number of IPv6 Certification Tests taken in the last 20 days
IPv6 Sages by Region
Breakdown of IPv6 Sages by Country and State

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